Company founded: 1994
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Who We are

Prisma Campaigns is a spin-off of Infocorp Group, we offer a smart omni-channel solution for orchestrating marketing campaigns for FIs. Through Prisma you can coordinate marketing and commercial actions through all the available channels, identifying the best possible next action for every client using Machine Learning. Agile, complete and immediate campaigns.

Three Questions for Infocorp:

What area of financial services does your product target?

How do you measure success?

Our main goal is helping banks provide the best experience to their customers through all their channels

What's the biggest challenge facing your market right now?

Expanding our business globaly


Felipe Gil, CEO Prisma Campaigns
Ianai Urwicz, Global Expansion

Key Executives

Gabriel Colla, President & Founder
Martin Naor, CEO
Ana Inés Echavarren, CEO Banking
Felipe Gil, VP of Product Development

Key Investors

Dr. Andres Cerisola, Managing Partner, CPA Ferrere
Joaquin Morixe, CEO, Endeavor
Eduardo Mangarelli, Technology Director, Microsoft Latin America
Alvaro More, President, Y&R

Key Customers/Clients

Infocorp is working with clients such as Banco Santander, Banco de Bogotá, Banco Internacional, Towerbank and Banco Caribe.