Company founded: 2013

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Who We are

The best small business lending experience starts with Mirador. Our platform powers customer acquisition, digital loan application and digitization, intelligent product routing and pre-screening, data management, and borrower communication. Built exclusively for banks, credit unions and other traditional lenders, Mirador supports all small business loan products including lines of credit, term loans, SBA backed loans, commercial real estate, and collateralized loans for up to $20 million.

Question for Mirador:

What area of financial services does your product target?

Small Business Lending


Trevor Dryer, CEO & Co-Founder
Rich Heller, VP Business Development

Key Executives

Trevor Dryer, CEO
William Beaver, CTO
Mike Camacho, Head of Product
Chris Kearney, Head of Engineering
Emily Beebe, Head of People Ops
Bill Ervin, Head of Sales
Paige Hewlett, Head of Marketing

Key Investors

Core Innovation Capital, NYCA, CUNA Mutual Group, EPIC Ventures, Jump Capital

Key Customers/Clients

Zions Bank, Umpqua Bank, Tompkins Bank, NYBDC, Hanmi Bank