RCGILTNER Services, Inc.

Company founded: 2012

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Who We are

RCGILTNER Services, Inc., provides turn-key digital lending technology and integrated digital marketing for financial institutions, targeted toward small business and consumer loans. Our services are provided all under the FI’s brand, underwriting, and control generating loans and relationships on their balance sheet. Our services enable financial institutions to offer a loan in 30 seconds in-branch or on a mobile, smart device or computer, and complete the loan with e-sign in under five minutes. Our turn-key digital business strategy also manages all compliance, adverse action, and credit and risk monitoring.

Three Questions for RCGILTNER Services, Inc.:

What area of financial services does your product target?

Digital lending for small business

How do you measure success?

Increased efficiency, new revenue and improved customer experience

What's the biggest challenge facing your market right now?

Fis cannot profitably provide small business loans today, and with digital technology they can.


Robert C. Giltner, Chairman

Key Executives

Robert Giltner, Chairman
Greg Schreacke, CEO
Doreen Rademacher, Chief Client Officer

Key Customers/Clients

Centier, Lake City Bank, Stock Yards Bank, First Northern Bank, FNB Beloit.