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FISPAN Demo, Small Biz: Banking Conference 2019



Company Website:

Product Name:

We will be demo'ing our product built for SMBs. The platform offers live two-way connections that keep SMB clients' books automatically synced with the treasury banking portal.

Company Description:

FISPAN’s contextual business banking platform makes it simple for banks to offer commercial banking services embedded within ERP and business applications. FISPAN enables banks to provide a best-in-class commercial banking experience by removing friction and adding value to how clients operate their business.

What does your product solve?

- One integration, one business agreement.
- Makes the unmanageable/unaffordable affordable/manageable
- Allows banks to deliver consumer-like experience
- Gives banks access to specialized development skills
- Gives banks a moat against the fintechs storming the castle (Open Banking)
- Allows banks to mine the rich data
- Quick market scale scale and reachability
- Expedites onboarding

Best Success Story:

JPMorgan Chase: providing multiple ERP program covering a wide range of payables, receivables, and reporting/reconciliation products, in addition to a portfolio of innovation pilots.

What makes your company or product great?

For commercial banks who need to deliver differentiated, customer-centric bank experiences to their customers, FISPAN is an embedded banking platform that rapidly connects to any system of record.

With its white-label, embedded banking applications, FISPAN enables banks to eliminate friction and add operational context for their commercial banking clients.

Unlike solutions built by the bank's in-house team, FISPAN expedites speed to market while providing instant scale and reach. FISPAN’s limited technology burden and deep ERP expertise delivers a simplified and streamlined on-boarding process for both the bank and its customers.