Improve Client Experience through Sales.

Seismic Demo, Small Biz: Banking Conference 2019



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Seismic empowers your Relationship Managers and Treasury Sales Teams to strategcially deliver insight to clients and prospects, creating a better client experience, and leading to more cross-sell, faster deal cycles, and increased revenue.

What does your product solve?

-To stand out from the competition, RMs and TSOs need to be armed with value-add insight and content to bring to clients

-Preparing for client meetings is tedious and time consuming. RMs and TSOs need to be more efficient, while engaging with clients more often

Best Success Story:

Capital One’s Business Bankers were spending 2 days with support teams to prepare presentations for prospects. Then, they struggled to load presentations onto iPads to bring to meetings with prospects. With Seismic, they were able to generate custom presentations in only 20 minutes, with the most up to date information. These could be assembled in CRM or on their way to a client meeting. After meetings, they can now follow up with relevant content.

What makes your company or product great?

Seismic is the leading Sales Enablement solution for Banks because: we enable RMs to engage more effectively with their clients, we integrate into their existing technology ecosystem, and we help Banks drive more revenue