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StreetShares Demo, Small Biz: Banking Conference 2019



Company Website:

Product Name:

Business Lending-as-a-Service (StreetShares Platform)

Company Description:

StreetShares, founded by bankers and military veterans, is a FinTech company that helps financial institutions provide high-quality loans to small businesses. The company was founded as a low-cost, digital lender and has built one of the highest-performing underwriting platforms in America. Now the company has launched a lending-as-a-service (LAAS) platform for financial institutions to affordably make small business loans through an integrated digital experience, which can have banks lending in 30 days.

What does your product solve?

Banks and credits unions struggle to provide unsecured small business loans.

Best Success Story:

In 2018, USAA and StreetShares collaborated in a pilot program to market StreetShares products to USAA members. Under the pilot program, USAA members were eligible for discounts on origination fees when they borrowed from StreetShares. Members needed to have been in business for a minimum of one year and generating annual revenue of at least $25,000.

What makes your company or product great?

The StreetShares Platform allows community banks and credit unions to offer high-quality small business loans through a fully-digital, omni-channel, white labeled experience. The platform serves the entire lifecycle of business loans, from customer acquisition to servicing and support. It allows financial institutions to provide instant approvals and 24-hour funding. Most important to institutions, the platform can be up and running in 30 days with no core software integration.