$60,000 Brings 20 For CURobber

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TYLER, Texas - (01/25/06) – A gun-wielding robber who heldup a couple of credit unions and at least one bank here in 2004 wassentenced to 20 years behind bars Monday. Anthony Ray Dailey wassentenced to 20 years on three separate bank robbery charges andwill serve the prison terms concurrently. The 44-year-old robberwas also ordered to pay $43,650 in restitution. Daley and twoaccomplices, wearing disguises and armed with pellet guns, robbedKeystone CU on June 4, 2004. A month later they hit Kelley TylerFCU, then a few days later First State Bank of Brownsboro. Thethree robberies netted them about $60,000. Dailey’saccomplices, Carlos Dewayne Starks and his girlfriend CarolRobertson-Myles, pleaded guilty and testified against Dailey duringhis trial. The robbery went unsolved until Tyler police were calledto Dailey’s house for a domestic dispute and his wife toldthem Daily was involved in the robbery.

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