A Synopsis Of Stories Inside This Issue

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Bankruptcy reform bill's fate come down to some simple numbers -page 1

The Utah legislature has asked Congress to allow states to tax federal credit unions. -page 1

As the credit union faithful gather in the nation's capital, another capital issue looms. -page 1

Regulators offer bounce protection guidelines. -page 3

CU competition forces Utah bank to raise deposit rates. -page 3

There's a dangerous pest lurking in those hallowed grassroots. -page 6

Small CUs from California and Nevada get GAC "scholarships." -page 8

CUs expected to deliver 660,000 signatures supporting CU tax exemption. -page 8

TIP charter applications, underserved area requests continue to grow.

-page 10

Six CUs in two states discuss why they feel they must merge. -page 13

CUs share strategies for reaching out to immigrants and growing membership -pages 14, 16

New York's banks and credit unions put differences aside to team up on low-income project. -page 18

As credit unions have become a target for other financial institutions they are seeing multiple growth factors decrease. -page 20

Washington Watch -page 22


CUs go back to their roots to learn about the Federal Credit Union Act that started it all. -pages 23-25

Volunteers who've gone on the stump for credit unions share their legislative lobbying strategies. -pages 26-28, 30-32, 34.

Readers take this month's coffee break challenge: proving the CU difference to lawmakers. -page 36

How state leagues use volunteer lobbyists to demonstrate the CU difference -pages 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

The irony of success: the proof that CU movement in Russian and Poland are making strides is that banks in these countries have gone on the attack. -page 41

Wegner winner Jim Likens finally reveals behind-the-scenes role he played in CU history. -page 47

Wegner winner Cliff Rosenthal recaps his efforts to help build low-income CUs. -page 48

Wegner winner Dennis Dollar shares his vision for the future of the CU movement. -page 50


The always irreverent Jim Blaine shows how FDIC has proven that yes, Virginia, there is a difference between credit unions and banks. -page 53

Are credit unions selling themselves short when doing business with banks?

-page 54

CUNA CEO Dan Mica Outlines Top 10 list for CUs while in Washington.

-page 56

How credit unions can turn potential new members into actual members is the whole point of PALS, according to NCUA Board Member Debbie Matz -page 56

Former NCUA Chairman Norman D'Amours and former FDIC Chairman William Isaac explain why they believe dropping the CU leverage ratio to 2% is wrong.

-page 57

No matter how noble the cause needs to be audited and reviewed periodically. -page 58

Lessons credit unions can learn from Fannie Mae debacle. -page 60

CUs must face fact that converting to a bank isn't all about greed. -page 62

Sheri Ledbetter debunks the top myths that keep credit unionists from getting involved in political advocacy. -page 64

Why attacking credit unions just makes business sense to bankers. - page 64

Why credit unions can't get any respect from bankers-and why they must demand it. -page 66

Top 10 ways to increase the power of the credit union movement. -page 68

Why credit unions must "unlearn the past" to survive and thrive in the future. -page 69

Spokane CU celebrates 70th anniversary with time capsule. -page 70

Single moms get leg-up from WE STconsin partnership with local agency.

-page 70

Eye On The Competition-a compilastion of what's happening in the financial industry. -page 72


Why one credit union executive is leaving a comfortable life behind to help Thailand's orphans. -page 73

This CU executive has a soft spot in her heart for members of the military serving in Iraq-because she was one of them. -page 74

United Way's Day of Caring renamed for ESL FCU. -page 75

Learn what the new CEO of the world's largest credit union has in store for Navy FCU. -page 76

CUNA Mutual Group's new CEO has been getting an earful upon taking the reins. -page 76, 77

Check out the latest credit union marketing. -pages 78, 80

See the latest news from The Credit Union Journal's website.

-page 79

A Look at how the Top 100 credit unions finished in 2004

-page 82

Ecoomists see moderately improved 2005 for credit unions. -page 82

See how credit unions are making headlines in their communities.

-pages 84, 86, 90

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