A Thanks And Tip Of The Hat For All Of The Help

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The Credit Union Journal wants to extend its thanks to all the people at CUNA and NAFCU who helped make our coverage at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

That includes Richard Gose and his staff at CUNA; Karen Kincer, Gretchen Graf, who did an incredible job planning the convention activities, as well as Paige Fadden, Linda Gualtieri, David Klavitter, Tom McElligott, and of course, Dan Mica and his two top lobbyists, John McKechnie and Gary Kohn. The group was ubiquitous during the two conventions, putting a credit union face on the biggest political events of the year.

The NAFCU crew, including Brad Thaler, Murray Chanow, Erica Anderson, Dylan Shea, Melissa Pendergrass, Debbie Kwan-Moore, and of course, Bill Donovan and Fred Becker, made great strides towards putting the association on the national political map this year with their coverage of the convention.

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