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The California/Nevada Credit Union League unveiled its new advocacy team at its recent convention here.

Bob Arnould, the CCUL's senior vice president of government affairs, told attendees the team is "taking the battle to the bankers."

"In Sacramento and D.C., we have experience and we have a game plan," he declared. "Plus, we have new ways to expand grassroots efforts to get people in the credit union movement involved."

The advocacy team consists of Kelly Purcell, director of federal government affairs, Ron Fong, director of operations for the California and Nevada state capitals; Katie Newton, political finance director, and Ryan Donovan, who became head of the league's Washington, D.C., office in April.

Purcell noted it was one of California's own, Rep. Bill Thomas, who has been championing a review of the credit union tax-exemption, and she urged convention delegates to return home and tell their board members and staff to go online to the league's new website, The site allows people to easily send e-mails to their member of Congress arguing against credit union taxation, she told attendees.

Meanwhile, Newton reported the league's PAC recently broke the $1-million mark. She said independent expenditure accounts allow the league to accept unlimited amounts of money for political action committees (PACs).

"Recently, the Federal Election Commission approved payroll deductions as a way to raise money for PACs," she reminded attendees. "The ABA already is using this method for their campaigns."

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