Aggieland CU Cancels Credit Cards After Fraudulent Withdrawls From Eastern Europe

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New ATM Fraud Traced OverseasBRYAN, Texas - Dozens of Aggieland CU members were reporting Friday that their funds were being drained from unknown cyberthieves in Eastern Europe. More than 30 credit union members reported fraudulent ATM withdrawals from countries like Russia and Lithuania since last Wednesday, prompting the credit union to start cancelling cards and issue an alert to all members. Other fraudulent withdrawals came from New York City. Authorities believe the card numbers and PINs must have been swiped using a skimmer, a device that steals card information at the ATM so that crooks can manufacture their own fake cards on the accounts. Aggieland CU said it is waiving the regular $50 liability on all point-of-sale transactions and giving affected members immediate credit for the fraudulent transactions. As many as three other area credit unions and banks are believed to have been hit by the same bandits.

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