Alternative Credit ScoringAdvances

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - (05/16/06) – PRBC, an alternative creditbureau for people with limited payment records, announced Mondaythat EZMoney Loan Services has agreed to use the company’sBill Payment score at its 281 payday loan and pawn shops in Texasand Florida. The deal follows an agreement earlier this monthbetween PRBC and the National Association of Mortgage Bankers toeducate consumers about how to document their credit-worthinesswith historical rental, utilities, and other commonly recurringbill payments that are not reported to traditional credit bureaus.PRBC, which stands for Pay Rent, Build Credit, was developed lastyear by a grant from the Ford Foundation ro help consumers withlimited or poor credit scores to build credit histories based ontheir record of bill payment. So far, the company is focusing onpayday lenders and other forms of financing typically targetingthat class of consumers.

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