Americans Looking For MPG

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A recent poll of American drivers found more than 40% will be looking to achieve gas mileage of more than 30 miles per gallon when they buy their next vehicle.

A report titled "Clearing the Air" by auto website Autobytel was created in part to teach the public on the difference between hybrids, diesels, small car and flex-fuel vehicles in time for their next purchase.

According to the report, a full 71% of drivers will expect fuel efficiency higher than 25 mpg and 15% want at least 40 mpg. Autobytel is reporting that while big car makers are keeping up with consumer demand for alternatives to gas-guzzling cars and SUVs, the sheer volume of new makes and models is confusing the public.

The "Clearing the Air" report lists the pros and cons of the four types of fuel-efficient cars.

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