ATM Bandits Headed To Jail

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SAN DIEGO - (09/22/04) -- Two life-long criminals convicted ofstealing more than 14 ATMs dating back to 2002 were sentenced tolong prison terms Monday. The two men, Maurice Hilliard, 42, andCharles Calhoun, 40, were convicted of a similar spree of stealingas many as 20 ATMs in the 1990's and served time in prison,according to Michael Groch, San Diego County Prosecutor. The twocollected more than $200,000 during the recent spree, in which theywould steal a truck with a hydraulic lift, then pull the machinesoff their moorings before loading them onto the trucks, Groch toldThe Credit Union Journal. After securing the machines, they wouldbreak into the cash drawers by using a high-poweredelectro-magnetic drill, he said. Among the credit unions hit in thelatest spree were First Future CU and Great American CU. Hilliardwas sentenced to 302 years to life in prison under the state'sthree strikes law, and Calhoun was sentenced to 28 years and fourmonths.

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