Attorneys Launch Podcast On Legal Issues-And It's Free!

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Four law firms that specialize in credit union issues have created a new podcast to address current legal issues within the movement.

The free service, that can be downloaded from the Internet onto an iPod, computer or CD through iTunes Music Store or a separate website will include relevant news topics as well as tips that CU professionals can apply to their day-to-day activities.

"We have been involved with the CU movement for a long time and we are excited about the opportunity to do a free show for credit unions worldwide where we can discuss topics that we see in our practices,'' said Rob Rutkowski, producer and co-host of the show called "Current Issues in Credit Unions," and managing partner of Weltman, Weinberg & Reis, Cleveland.

Rutkowski said his CIiCU team includes attorneys nationally who have worked with such organizations as NACUSO, the ABA's Committee on Credit Unions, NCUA, the SEC and the Fed.

Rutkowski said the idea came about after he started listening to podcasts last fall and realized there was little credit union information available in that medium. "A friend of mine mentioned a podcast called 'Nothing but the Benjamins' that was sort of an introduction to credit unions, but there wasn't any credit union news or discussion really happening,'' he said.

He said the hour long podcasts will be updated "at least'' monthly and include topics such as courtesy pay, CUSO taxation updates, selling repossessed vehicles on eBay, tips to avoid trouble in CU mergers, best practices and dealing with difficult members.

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