Baseball, Hot Dogs & The Member Appreciation Cookout

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Portland Federal Credit Union members like their hot dogs with relish and lots of ketchup.

OK, so it wasn't big news in this small town in Michigan's lower peninsula, but participation at its annual Member Appreciation Cookouts showed that members, well, appreciated being appreciated by consuming 1,260 hot dogs, 50 gallons of lemonade, four gallons of ketchup, two gallons of mustard, 10 pounds of onions and 31 pounds of relish.

"We also sweated about 10 gallons of fluid,'' said Patti Wilder, business development specialist at PFCU. "It was very hot.''

Wilder said every Friday during July, senior managers donned aprons and made their way to outdoor tents at four branches to serve up goodies to members and other passersby. Kids got Frisbees emblazoned with the credit union's logo and anyone interested got more information about the community CU's services. One lucky member also won a $100 gift certificate to the area's newest Wal-Mart store.

The fourth annual event is just one small town CU's way of "rewarding members'' for their loyalty, Wilder said.

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