Biometrics Comes To CreditUnions

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ARLINGTON, Va. - (08/16/05 -- Almost half of credit unions areplanning to implement fingerprint scanning or some other form ofbiometric identification for employees or members, according to anew survey conducted by NAFCU. The survey, conducted as part ofNAFCU's monthly Flash Report, also shows that 11% of credit unionshave already deployed some form of biometrics, with the majority ofthose (72%) using fingerprint scanning; and 14% using eithersignature recognition or hand scanning. Most of the credit unionsusing biometrics are ahead of their corporate sponsors. "This showsthat in many cases, credit unions are ahead of the curve," said TunWai, chief economist for NAFCU. None of the credit unions who saythey use biometrics have done so at their ATMs, while only 3% havedone so at kiosks, the study found.

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