Cash Not King At This CU

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WHITEFISH, Mont. - (07/07/04) -- Don't tell members of Whitefish CUthat cash is king. The $565 million credit union, the biggest inthe state, plans to open its second cash-less branch next week.Charles Abell, president of the credit union, said they have foundwith the success of their first cash-less branch that it cuts downon problems, including bounced checks, the risks involved with thedaily counting of cash, and the potential for robbery. "There'sseveral problems with handling cash," Abell told The Credit UnionJournal. "Several people join the credit union just to cash checks.We've been abused in that regard." Members will be able to makedeposits at the new branch in the low-income community of ThompsonFalls, which will, in turn be deposited in the localbank.

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