Caught In 60 Minutes

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. - (05/26/06) -- Two armed robbers who made off withmore than $100,000 from the Credit Union of the Berkshires on Dec.22, 2004 were captured less than an hour later and a mile from thescene after they were identified by witnesses, prosecutors saidduring Wednesday's opening argument in the trial of the suspects,Marcos Sostre, 31, and Robinson Figueroa, 19. One of the witnesses,Theresa Pratt, is a former teller who testified she couldn't stopstaring at the barrel of the gun pointed at her face as two maskedmen demanded she fill a plastic bag with cash during the hold-up.The first robber, testified Pratt, stuck a gun in her face andthreatened to kill her if she pulled the alarm switch. Anotherwitness identifying the two assailants said he called 911 after hesaw the robbery taking place while he was sitting in his parkedtruck in front of the credit union. A third suspect in the case,confessed getaway car-driver Angel Lamboy, Jr., 28, has pleadedguilty in the case and is scheduled to testify against his twoalleged accomplices.

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