Client WorkStation Internet Debuts

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Synergent, a provider of card services to New England credit unions, is now offering Client WorkStation Internet (CWSis) as a user-friendly data management tool available via the Internet.

The company, which is a subsidiary of the Maine league, said the product enables credit unions to manage their ATM and point-of-sale data easily, conveniently and economically. CWSi puts the data on the cards coordinators' desktops wherever they are and wherever they need it."

"We can efficiently research transactions for our members," said Alvera Bosica, CEO of the $23-million institution. "We're a small credit union, and Client Workstation Internet has positioned us as a more knowledgeable resource; we are building confidence with our members."

The credit union's operations manager, Sarah Ferland, cited as an example a member checking transactions on his account statement when he noticed an ATM transaction listed as taking place in Rhode Island, although the member conducted the transaction near his home. Ferland was immediately able to explain the ATM was a terminal brought to Maine for a special event but was issued in a different state.

"A member may come in frustrated, but leaves impressed because we can answer details about a transaction so quickly," added Ferland.

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