CO-OP Network To Shed TRMMachines

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ONTARIO, Calif. - (02/01/06) -- The CO-OP Network said Tuesday ithas notified TRM Corp. that it will no longer incorporate 5,000 ofthe company's ATMs--which formerly formed the backbone of the CO-OPATM network--shaving the number of machines connected to the creditunion-owned network by 20% to about 20,000. Jim Hanisch, vicepresident of network operations for the CO-OP, said the Boarddecided to discontinue the TRM machines because they had lowtransaction volumes, but will retain about 1,000 TRM machines inPantry and Cumberland Farms stores on the East Coast that attracthigher volumes. CO-OP is currently talking with three other ATMproviders about adding their machines to the network and theyexpect to be back to around 25,000 ATMs in the next 90 days, saidHanisch. "Our board made a decision to transition to alternateproviders," he told The Credit Union Journal.

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