Coffee Klatch Catches NewMembers

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. - (08/12/05) -- A simple offer of a coffee gift cardis being credited by Altura CU for boosting its membership over the100,000 mark and helping to grow assets by more than $54 million inthe first five months of this year. The credit union staged a"Something's Brewing at Altura Credit Union" marketing campaign fortwo months that included promotional offers designed to enroll newmembers as well as entice existing members to expand theirrelationship to new product lines. It included radio and print ads,flyers for SEG partners and in-branch merchandising. Everynon-member who inquired about opening a checking account at abranch received a $5 Starbuck's gift card. Existing members couldreceive a $5 gift card for opening another checking account,increasing their products or services to a total of five, or byreferring a family member or friend who then opened a checkingaccount. The Starbucks card is credited with bringing in at least2,000 members.

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