Community CUs' Ad Series Stresses Critical Differences

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The National Association of Community Credit Unions (NACCU) has introduced a series of advertising materials that seek to leverage threatening issues in the news while positioning credit unions as a refuge.

"Fuzzy Accounting STOPS here. Accountability STARTS here," reads one headline. "Conflicts of Interest STOP here. Your Interests START here," reads another. The materials, which can be used as newspaper ads, point-of-sale materials, statement stuffers and more, were created by Carol Ann Burger, president of Carol Writes, Inc. here, who has been working with NACCU.

Burger said the idea originated last year during a meeting of the NACU board in Williamsburg, Va. when many of the accounting and stock market scandals were at the height of the news. Bank attacks upon credit unions were also growing in volume.

Banks Not Going Away

"Credit unions have always lived by this credo that if they are nice the banks will just go away," said Burger. "And that has never been true. They're trying to eat (credit unions') lunch."

Burger said she pitched to the NACCU board the idea of an ad campaign that went beyond some of the typical credit union brand advertising. "This sets credit unions aside from the pack," she said. "Many people still don't know what credit unions are."

Copy in the ads is similar. "No political intrigue, no complex financial schemes," reads copy. "At your local credit union, the volunteer board of directors and professional staff are members just like you, and we're here to help. It's always been that way." The ads include the NACCU logo, and can be customized to each individual credit union.

Burger noted that community-chartered credit unions are open to anyone in the community, which is another reason for the ads. "They have different competitors and most often it's a community bank," said Burger.

Materials for the four ads are available through NACCU for $1,000.

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