Computer Glitches Did In U.S. Central'sKampen

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LENEXA, Kan. - (08/05/05) -- The resignation of U.S. Central CUCEO Dan Kampen stemmed from ongoing technology glitches that haveinterrupted services to its corporate credit union members and, inturn, members of natural-person credit unions, sources told TheCredit Union Journal. U.S. Central CU, known as the corporate'scorporate, is currently going through a systems conversion, movingfrom EDS to Symitar Systems. U.S. Central is Symitar's firstcorporate credit union client. Unrelated to that conversion, inearly April of 2004, U.S. Central CU suffered an ACH outage thatleft 2,200 credit unions across the country unable to transact anyACH business for approximately 48 hours. The failure led NCUA tosay it was monitoring the situation. Alarmed that members wouldsoon begin bouncing checks, natural-person credit unions demandedanswers from their respective corporates, most of which use U.S.Central as their ACH vendor. Of the 29 corporate credit unions, 25are on U.S. Central's APEX ACH system Since that failure, which hasbeen resolved, sources said there have been a series of othertechnology glitches that have led many corporate credit unions toquestion their faith in U.S. Central.

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