Consumers Prefer Donald Trump To MaryPoppins As Savings Custodian

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ATLANTA - (03/28/06) – Almost half of consumers (47%)questioned in a new survey see their financial institutionpersonified as Donald Trump, smart, savvy and successful. Second onthe list was Mary Poppins (39%), followed by Ebenezer Scrooge (8%)and Tony Soprano (6%), according to the 2006 Market Pulse Surveyconducted by IBT, the leading branch builders. The survey of 700adults also found that 40% of consumers bank at a credit union and19% consider a credit union their primary financial serviceprovider. But consumers generally look beyond their credit union orbank when scoring a major windfall. If a consumer wins the lottery,say $250,000, 60% said they would look beyond their bank or creditunion for advice on how to invest the windfall. The first personthey’d call would be their accountant (25%); ahead of afamily member (19%) and a banker (12%) and stock broker (10%) andfriend (6%). Less than half of consumers surveyed (41%) said theywould never switch to another financial institution, but 33% saidthey would switch for a $250 gift card, and 20% would switch for a1% difference in savings rates. Five-percent said they would switchfinancial institutions for an iPod. Only 1% said they would switchfor a new toaster.

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