Corillian Joins With StrikeForce ForOnline Security Solution

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PORTLAND, Ore. - (02/24/06) – Corillian Corp. said Thursdayit is partnering with StrikeForce Technologies to offer an onlineidentity theft and fraud solution for financial institutions.Corillian and StrikeForce will protect financial institutions'online users with a comprehensive authentication service combiningCorillian's Intelligent Authentication with StrikeForce's‘Out-of-Band’ authentication platform, ProtectID.StrikeForce's patent-pending ProtectID is the first and only‘Out-of-Band’ identity authentication solution thatcreates a separate pathway for users to enter a PIN over thetelephone that takes seconds to authenticate the identity of theonline customer. Biometric devices, such as fingerprint and irisscanners, as well as one-time passwords can be added or substitutedfor additional versatility and layers of security. The differentmultiple methods of authentication eliminate the need to carry orpurchase new technology, making two-factor authenticationaffordable and quickly deployable.

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