Credit Union Board Member Elected to IowaHouse

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DES MOINES, Iowa - (11/15/04) Iowa Credit Unions scored a hugevictory in helping elect Bob Kressig, Chairman of John DeereCommunity Credit Union, to the Iowa House of Representatives.Kressig beat incumbent Erv Dennis in what the league described as ahighly competitive race, with Kressig besting Dennis by just 200votes out of 13,000 cast. The league has been wanting to get a CUleader elected to the state legislature ever since the bank-backedtax hike on credit unions was just narrowly defeated in 2003. "Withseveral practicing bankers in the Iowa Legislature willing todisadvantage credit unions, it was essential for credit unions towork hard to elect candidates who favor our industry," said JustinHupfer, Vice President of Government Affairs and Internal Counselof the Iowa Credit Union League. ICUL also took an active role inousting incumbent Rep. Gene Manternach, who supported a taxincrease and wrote “misleading editorials” about CUs,the league said.

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