Credit Unions In The Media

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The Toledo Blade featured Toledo Area Community Credit Union and it's soon-to-retire CEO Pat McGrady, noting its growth and that of other area-CUs in the area in the last decade. McGrady said that the credit union had absorbed nine other, smaller credit unions over the years and predicted that the 40-area CUs would shrink to half that number within five years.

Washington CEO magazine profiled BECU's Gary Oakland, highlighting how the state's largest credit union's meets bank competition through shared branches and ATM alliances. BECU's minibranches in area supermarkets were noted.

In Business Las Vegas Business Bank of Nevada CEO John Guedry said, "I'm not in favor of taxing credit unions. I'm just in favor of seeing credit unions stick to the scope that they were designed to do...Right now the regulatory body that regulates credit unions is not holding them accountable to stick to their charter."

The Wisconsin State Journal featured Kim Sponem, CEO of Great Wisconsin Credit Union, on the importance of teaching children the basics of money management. The Capital Times featured an op-ed about the CU's payday loan alternatives.

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