CU Foundation Revises Funds Distribution On 2 Terms

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The National CU Foundation (NCUF) has revised the way it distributes funds for new three- and five-year certificates of deposit in its Community Investment Fund (CIF). As the result of declining interest rates, the NCUF said the changes were necessitated in order to keep with the original intent of the fund's investor guidelines.The NCUF said that on the three- and five-year certificates, the new distribution formula will mirror the 90-day share account established in November 2001, which calls for a 50/50 split between the investing credit union and NCUF, with the foundation receiving a maximum 2% return. NCUF will continue to share its portion evenly with the state league or foundation of origin, based on that state's pro rata share. For info: 800- 356-9655, ext. 4397.

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