CU Member To Banks: Knock It Off

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CUNA and NAFCU are letting credit union members do the talking in an ad aimed at convincing lawmakers that the nation's credit unions continue to wear the white hat.

The ad, which is running in four Capitol Hill publications, features Karen Johnston, who describes herself as a single mom, HR representative and a member of American Hertitage Federal Credit Union.

"As a single parent with a full-time job, making ends meet for my family wasn't always easy. When I needed to refinance my home, the banks said no. But my credit union was there to help," Johnston is quoted as saying in the ad copy.

She goes on to note that she receives better loan rates, a better return on savings, and pays lower fees by using her credit union for all her financial services needs, adding "(N)o one beats the friendly service I get from my credit union."

"It's a shame that despite their record profits, banks want to stop my credit union from providing the services that I deserve," Johnston says in the ad. "The bankers had their chance for my business. So when banks attack credit unions, join me in telling them it's time to Knock it off."

The new ad is part of a series sponsored in tandem by the two trade groups that will run through mid-June in four publications that target lawmakers: Roll Call, The Hill, Congress Daily and CQ Today.

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