CU Message To Air During Hula Bowl

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It will be hard to miss the credit union message when college football's Hula Bowl airs Jan. 22. The game, which pits college all-stars from around the U.S. against each other, will be broadcast on ESPN2 and will be referred to by announcers as the "Hula Bowl brought to you by America's Credit Unions."

In addition, credit union exposure will include the "America's Credit Unions" logo and brand on the field of play and on the players' uniforms, and under the agreement with the Hula Bowl and Overtime Sports Pacific, Inc., up to eight 30-second commercials for America's Credit Unions, with content still to be determined by CUNA. The game is expected to draw approximately three-million viewers.

"This agreement between CUNA and the Hula Bowl represents our commitment to see the credit union brand receive broader recognition among the general public," said CUNA CEO Dan Mica.

So what will it all cost? According to CUNA, nothing. The trade group said the agreement calls for no financial obligation on the part of credit unions, rather, credit unions are being asked to help raise funds to sponsor individual Hula Bowl players from their communities. CUNA spokesperson Mark Wolff said the agreement calls for no minimum amounts of funds to be raised. Leagues and credit unions are to begin receiving materials related to the fundraising in the near future.

CUNA's agreement with the Hula Bowl is for up to three years.

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