CUNA Executives Join NCUA

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (01/17/06) – NCUA is expected to announce asearly as today that CUNA’s two top lobbyists are joining theagency in executive capacities. CUNA’s chief lobbyist JohnMcKechnie is expected to be named congressional liaison for NCUA,while his second-in-command at CUNA, Gary Kohn is expected to benamed as top aide to new NCUA Board member Gigi Hyland. The twoappointments will continue a recent trend of CUNA executives beingplaced in high NCUA positions, as three of the last four NCUA Boardmembers have chosen CUNA operatives as their executive assistants.That includes NCUA Chairman JoAnn Johnson, who hired former CUNAdirector Holly Herman as her executive assistant, former NCUA Boardmember Deborah Matz, who had former CUNA vice president SteveBosack as her top aide, and Hyland, herself, a former CUNA vicepresident, hiring Kohn.

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