CUNA Licenses 'E-Gate' Device

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CUNA Network Services has completed an agreement to license Touch Technology International, Inc.'s (TTI) PocketServer application software for use with CUNA Network Service's "e-gate" device. CUNA Network Services said the products will provide credit unions with a "unique, easy-to-use smart card product." Rollout is expected later in the first quarter of 2002.

'Utilizing TTI's PocketServer technology will make the e-gate device even more attractive to credit unions by enhancing the variety, portability and security of convenience applications they can offer to their members," said John Hobko, president of CUNA Network Services.

According to the company, the PocketServer application software allows the e-gate device to function like a portable PC, with true, multi-application operating system functions. It allows a user to carry their personal information-such as account numbers, e-mail, balances, identification information, passwords, web bookmarks, and more-with them from online device to online device. A person's digital identity is stored by the software in a tamper-proof device protected with encryption and pass phrase safeguards, the company reported.

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