CUNA Wins CU Battle Of TheBands

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BOSTON - (07/30/04) – CUNA cinched the victory in the‘Battle of the Credit Union Bands’ at this week’sDemocratic National Convention with a party Thursday night for theKerry and Edwards ticket featuring the Belevue Cadillac. The weekhad started off slowly, with NAFCU pulling ahead on the strength ofits Monday night reception featuring classic rock band Little Feat.Later the same night CUNA pulled into a virtual tie with areception featuring the 90’s band, the Goo Goo Dolls. Butthen CUNA pulled far ahead with its gala reception Wednesday nightat Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts featuring an 11-piece jazzband, a five-piece rock band, then country and western star MartinaMcBride, followed by jazz diva Natalie Merchant. For good measure,CUNA and its co-hosts threw in comedian Kevin Nealon of SaturdayNight Live, who served a master of ceremonies. In between,convention-goers were treated at different stages to performancesby the cellist Yo Yo Ma, the Boston Pops, and rockers JohnMellencamp, U2 and James Taylor.

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