D'Amours Booted Off Voter Rolls In N. Hampshire Home

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Former NCUA Chairman Norman D'Amours has been kicked off the voter rolls in this city after the Board of Registrars ruled the address D'Amours had been using is not a legal address.

D'Amours, who served as a Democratic congressman from New Hampshire's first district from 1975-1985, had been listing 161 N. Adams St. in Manchester as his address, even though his primary residence is in Virginia. That is the home of George Bruno, who served as ambassador to Belize under President Clinton.

The issue came to light after Marc Pappas, vice chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, filed complaints with the city Board of Registrars, the City Clerk's Office, and the city Zoning Board. State election laws require D'Amours to keep a domicile, not a legal residence, in the city in order to vote. Bruno said D'Amours and his wife, Helen, stay at the N. Adams St. home when in town.

"The Republicans must be low on issues in New Hampshire if they're trying to make an issue with this stuff," D'Amours said.

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