D'Amours Still Finds Way To Ruin Lunch

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As I sat for my 10 minutes of lunch, I read the article titled "In Remarks Before Bankers, Ex NCUA Chair D'Amours Critical of Credit Unions" (CU Journal, Nov. 15). It is scary to think that we had such an ignorant person at the helm of NCUA. I can't think of any other business that has someone leading it that does not believe in what they are doing and he obviously didn't.

He whines about how powerful CUNA is and I sit and wonder why he thinks I would want to pay dues to a trade association who would not have the power to get things accomplished for us. I think he sounds like a "sore loser" and jealous that he does not have the job.

Mr. D'Amours compares the salary between trade association CEO's but fails to compare bank and credit union CEO salaries, nor does he mention what we obviously overpaid him.

I would compare the type of home mortgage loans my credit union has to ANY bank's and promise you that most of them would not have made it past the application process with a bank.

I'm not even sure that the banks want some of the people that we serve in their lobbies. I'm sure if they just made deposits and paid fees through an ATM, they would be glad to have them, but not otherwise.

The one true comment he made was that he recognizes that credit unions do a better job of lobbying than banks do!

I didn't like him when he was at NCUA and I sure don't like him now. He actually ruined my lunch today.

Debbie Dronet, CEO

Willis-Knighton FCU, Shreveport, La.

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