DNA Leads To Suspect In Three-Year-Old CUHeist

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BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. - (10/04/05) -- It took three years, but policebelieve they have finally connected a second suspect to theSeptember 4, 2002 armed robbery of $38,000 form The Heights St.Joseph FCU. Gregory Brown, 38, was arrested at his home Fridayafter his DNA matched up to DNA from a sneaker and a stocking maskworn by the gunman during the hold-up, which was later recovered bypolice. Money wrappers with Brown's fingerprints on them were alsofound discarded behind his house. Brown was connected to therobbery shortly afterwards when he left $390 in cash for inmates ata local prison. The serial numbers on the bills he used matchedthose on the cash stolen from the credit union. An accomplice inthe case, Melvin Bush, was convicted in February 2003 for his rolein the robbery. About $7,600 of the stolen money, all wrapped inpaper with the credit union's name on it, was in Bush's possessionwhen he was captured two days after the heist.

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