Dollar A Prime Candidate For Credit Union Exec Post

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At press time last week NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar still hadn't accepted a job for his post-NCUA days, expected to commence over the next few months. Dollar, whose six-year term on the NCUA Board expired in April, is continuing to serve as a so-called holdover until a successor is confirmed by the Senate. President Bush is expected to nominate a successor any day.

But the credit union movement would do well to find a good spot for Dollar to land. That's because Dollar combines two characteristics that would make him a good catch. That is, he is both highly competent and he is a true believer in the credit union movement. While many executives in credit unions have one of those characteristics, it is unusual to find someone who has both. And the credit union movement should do its best to retain those who do.

By the way, it looks as though the White House is leaning towards Gilbert Gonzalez, the deputy undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, as the nominee to succeed Dollar (CU Journal, May 5).

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