Elderly Step-Father Forced To WithdrawMoney From CU

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HAMPTON, Va. - (06/22/05) -- A local man was arrested chargedwith kidnapping and robbing his elderly stepfather and he allegedlyabducted the 69-year-old victim at his home and forced him atgunpoint to drive to Langley FCU to withdraw money. The elderlyvictim, however, alerted the teller to the robbery by writing anote on the back of the deposit slip indicating he was being robbedby the man standing behind him. The teller gave the money to thevictim, then alerted police, who arrested the suspect as he wasleaving the parking lot. The suspect, identified as KennethChapman, 44, of Hampton, was charged with robbery, abduction,assault and battery on a family member, and use of a firearm in thecommission of a felony.

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