Ensweiler To Take The Plunge

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Texas league CEO Dick Ensweiler will be doing a little fundraising via some freefalling-he is seeking to raise money for the TCUL PAC with his first-ever skydive. Because Ensweiler has opted for the "accelerated freefall" plan which calls for his first jump to be entirely solo-eschewing a tandem jump where he would be strapped to an instructor as being "for the weak at heart"-Ensweiler will first undergo a six-hour class to learn proper technique and safety. Contributors will be allowed to witness the 13,000-foot jump from the ground. The jump is slated for Dec. 18. Suggested contribution levels include: the $1,000 Golden Parachute Level, the $750 Air Dancer Level, the $500 Free Fall Level, the $250 Belly Flop Level, and the $100 Nose Dive Level.

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