Father To Testify He Trained Son For LifeOf Crime

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WAUKESHA, Wis. - (05/09/05) -- A surprise witness is scheduled totake the stand Monday morning in the retrial of a man convicted 11years ago of a violent crime spree that included two armed creditunion robberies and ended in the murder of a police officer. JamesOswald, now 60 and serving a life sentence for his role in thespree, is expected to tell jurors he trained his son, Ted Oswaldfor a life of crime that led to the father-and-son's violent waysthat included kidnappings, car theft, bank robberies and ended onfateful day on August 28, 1994 when Waukesha Police Capt. JamesLutz was killed in a shoot-out with the two after they robbed aBank One branch. That followed by several months armed robberies bythe father-and-son of Medical Systems CU, in Waukesha, and LandmarkCU, in Brookfield. Lawyers for the younger Oswald, now 29, toldjurors Friday during their argument for an insanity defense thatOswald was tortured by his father and raised to be an insanekiller. Ted Oswald stunned the courtroom Thursday when at theopening of his retrial he pleaded no contest to 17 counts againsthim and asked the judge to move immediately to his request to mountan insanity defense. The retrial was prompted by a 2003 ruling byan appeals court that found Oswald's first trial was tainted byjuror bias.

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