Faulty Document Destruction Leads To I.D.Thievery

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - (06/08/06) – As many as 5,000 members ofUniversity of Michigan CU were notified that their accounts mayhave been compromised during the process of document destruction.More than a dozen members have notified police that they have beenvictims of identity theft over the past few months. One member saidhe learned of seven new accounts opened in his name, one with a$5,182 balance, that he didn’t know about. Another rememberreported the address on her credit card had been changed withouther authorization. The troubles were discovered after nine originalloan applications from the credit union and as many as 70 financialspread sheets from the Detroit Medical Center were found in aDetroit home during a police search. The employee responsible forthe document destruction has been fired, the credit union said. Thecredit union serves about 44,000 members.

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