Fiserv Founders Cash In TheirChips

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BROOKFIELD, Wis. - (04/28/06) -- Three top executives of Fiserv whohelped build the company into a financial services outsourcinggiant have been methodically exercising millions of stock optionssince 2000, providing them with a windfall of almost $100 million.The three, Leslie Muma, co-founder and former CEO; Kenneth Jensen,who retired this week as chief financial officer; and NormanBalthasar, who plans to retire in 2008 as chief operating officer,all helped build the diversified financial services company throughmore than 140 corporate acquisitions since 1984. Annual proxystatements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission showthat since 2000 Muma has realized more than $56 million from theexercise of his options, including $20.7 million last year; whileJensen has netted $28 million, including $9.7 million last year;and Balthasar almost $16 million. Muma, who retired as CEO inDecember and plans to step down from the board next month, stillholds beneficial ownership to more than 1.5 million Fiserv shares;while Jensen holds about 1.6 million; and Balthasar about onemillion.

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