'Fishing Hat Bandit' Reels In TheLoot

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ST. PAUL, Minn. - (08/06/04) -- A man who has been menacing creditunions and banks for the past year struck again Wednesday with his14 bank/credit union robbery, believed to be a record in Minnesota.The robber, dubbed the "Fishing Hat Bandit,' because he alwayswears a gray or back fishing cap during hold-ups, hit American Bankhere. The bandit, believed to be in his 50's--old for a bankrobber--has hit counted nine credit unions among his prey. Theyare: Minnesota's CU, Highgrove Community FCU (twice), RetailEmployees CU, City-County FCU, Teacher FCU, Twin City Co-Op FCU,St. Paul Retail CU, and Minnesota Building Trades FCU.

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