Five Danger Signs

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Not paying attention to what makes the credit union unique presents real dangers, said Bill Reynard:

* Danger of complacency. "The reality is that we are different, but as things have started getting tougher we've started dong things that look like a bank, and it erodes that differentiation."

* Danger of Assumption "that everyone knows what credit unions are, that everyone knows credit unions are good organizations and a good company benefit."

* Danger of Rhetoric. "What does people helping people really mean? What it all comes down to is that as a member-owned organization, do you treat them as owners?

* Danger of Emulation. "Washington Mutual has started doing a lot to emulate credit unions."

* Danger of Arrogance of Size and Scope. "We're $900 million, so we must be doing something right. That is the assumption."

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