Following CCUL's Chatfield Akin toFollowing Wooden at UCLA

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MONTEREY, Calif. - ()3/14/06) -- During his remarks to attendees ofthe Big Valley Educational Conference here, Bill Cheney said takingover as president and CEO of the California and Nevada CU Leaguesfrom credit union movement legend David Chatfield is as difficultas taking over from a Hall of Fame basketball coach. "It is a greathonor, but also a tremendous challenge. It is sort of likefollowing John Wooden at UCLA after all his successes andchampionships. I don't know who followed John Wooden, which tellsyou something. Perhaps some of you in California know who coachedafter Wooden, but coming from Texas, I don't. I know who JohnWooden was, and I know who Dave Chatfield was. Someday, I hopepeople remember me."

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