Former Visa Manager Banned For PhonyCredit Card Scam

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (08/06/04) -- NCUA said it banned Carol Chavez,former Visa card supervisor of Denali Alaskan FCU, from the creditunion industry, for her role in a phony card scheme that siphoned$520,000 from the Anchorage, Alaska, credit union. Chavez wasconvicted of bank fraud and filing a false tax return for thescheme under which she created false identities, including names,addresses and Social Security numbers, for new accounts, then tookcash advances on the bogus accounts at ATMs or on her personalaccount and recording them on the fake accounts. She spent themoney on vacations, two boats and a down payment of a recreationalvehicle. NCUA also banned was Mark Mahoney, former chief financialofficer of Chicago Patrolmen's FCU, for his role in a moneylaundering scheme at the credit union. Also banned from theindustry were: Kimberly Braxton, former loan officer at ShellEmployees Houston FCU; Jawad Dacca, former data base administratorat Greater Nevada CU, Carson City, Nev.; Kevin Kingsley, formerbranch manager at Marion County CU, Ocala, Fla.; Susan Kirkpatrick,former assistant manager at Houston Belt & Terminal FCU,Houston; and Thomas Markham, former vice chairman of Farmers FCU,Jacksonville, Fla.

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