Fraudster Bagged In StingOperation

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ARCADIA, Calif. - (06/14/06) – A man who was allegedly tryingto obtain a $59,000 car loan with a fictitious application wasarrested at Foothill FCU Monday in a police sting operation. Thesuspect, identified as Brian Simpson, is believed to be the sameman who tried to scam East Central CU, in Pasadena, which led tothe sting. When the suspect told credit union employees he wantedto come in an clear a $10,000 line of credit on his credit card,officials contacted detectives, who were waiting for Simpson whenhe came back. The suspect tried to flee, but was arrested atgunpoint in the parking lot and his BMW was impounded. Simpson wascharged with obtaining money under false pretenses, grand theft andcommercial burglary.

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