Georgia CUs Bat For EndangeredLawmaker

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SAVANNAH, Ga. - (11/01/04) -- The credit union lobby is going towork trying to save a newly-developed Congressional ally, freshmanMax Burns. Burns, a long-time member of Core CU, was elected to theHouse with credit union help in 2002, and has been targeted as themost vulnerable House Republican incumbent in Tuesday's election.Credit union volunteers have been working for Burns, who haspledged to support the credit union tax exemption, in Savannah,Augusta, Athens and Statesboro, according to Cindy Connelly, chieflobbyist for the Georgia CU Affiliates. The race, which pits Burnsagainst Democrat John Barrow, is expected to come down to a fewvotes, according to Connelly. The Georgia league has also providedfinancial contributions to Republican Rep. Johnny Isakson in hisrace to succeed retiring Sen. Zell Miller. Credit unions are alsobacking newcomer Republican Tom Price in the race for Isakson'ssixth district House seat.

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