Getaway Car Driver Can't EscapeJustice

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TYLER, Texas - (12/01/04) -- The man who helped two armedassailants escape after they allegedly robbed Keystone CU of$31,000 last June pleaded guilty to bank robbery charges hereMonday. Carlos Starks, 41, confessed to driving picking up his twoaccomplices, then driving them to one of the suspects' parentshome, where the split up the loot. Starks also confessed to beingthe getaway car driver in two other hold-ups, at Kelly Tyler FCUlast July 16, and at Firs State Bank on July 19. The other suspectsin the robberies, Anthony Dale, 43, and Carol Robertson-Myles, 41,are awaiting trial in the case. The Keystone CU robbery wasunsolved until police were called to Daley's house for a domesticdisturbance, when Daley's wife told police Daley had robbed a localcredit union.

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